scff.jpg (8618 bytes) This is my 1990 Ford Scorpio 2.9i Executive Aut.
scbf.jpg (15238 bytes) The car is fitted with alarm and keyless entry
schbf.jpg (17674 bytes)
schbf.jpg (17674 bytes)
schfh.jpg (17109 bytes) The rims are from Ford motorsports RS-series.          the size are 7x15 with 205/60-15 BFGoodrich  T/A 
scvbf.jpg (17323 bytes)
scvff.jpg (12648 bytes)
scvfh.jpg (9776 bytes)
scinst.jpg (26826 bytes) European dashboard
scspeedo.jpg (20174 bytes) WOW - 240
scradio.jpg (19421 bytes) Location of radio/cass
sccd.jpg (20003 bytes) Location of trunkmounted CD-changer.

The CD-changer is mounted on a shelf, I have made of a piece of lexan-plastic and a pair of brackets which is attached to the crossmember behind the carpetcovering. I think it looks almost original